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Another Round of Authentic Murano Glass

Another Round of Authentic Murano Glass

We just received a portion of our order from another small artisan glass master on the island of Murano.  These are absolutely STUNNING pieces!  Quite a bit more is expected to arrive this week and we are working as quickly as possible to get them onto our online store.

These pieces are all hand crafted from a master glass artisan on the island of Murano, in Venice.  He is the youngest master glass artisan on the island and his techniques result in these fabulous pieces of art!

It took about 8 weeks to get these ordered, created, shipped, and received.  There are another 40+ boxes coming this far we are very pleased with the products and cannot wait to get them available online.

If you see any piece that you love the shape, but would like a different coloration, let us know (  We are happy to reach out to the artisan and see about doing custom pieces. They do take time, but the results are absolutely gorgeous.