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Authentic Murano Glass Has ARRIVED!

Authentic Murano Glass Has ARRIVED!

We have been exploring options for Murano glass now for nearly 2 years.  It has been a bit of a challenge connecting with distributors here in the United States. So, I reached out to a couple of smaller artisan shops on Murano, and ECCO!  We are finally seeing product come in.

Everyone knows about the headaches associated with shipping from Asia to the United States, but shipping worldwide has been in turmoil over the last couple of years (and, obviously, super expensive).

But we were able to locate a small shop on Murano where the owners are the artisans and we were able to snag several of their beautiful works.

Murano glass clocks, even the diminutive vanity/desk clocks, are now available on our store!  Any of the clocks will provide you a stunning pop of color wherever you place them. 

We also ordered bottle stoppers, picture frames (small, medium, and large), and chopsticks!  Yes, chopsticks. 

The chopsticks are made from pure art glass and murrine...I imagine none of your friends or family have a set of authentic Murano glass chopsticks and coordinating dipping bowl!  Artisan quality, 10" long glass chopsticks and a 3.5" diameter dipping bowl.

And you simply cannot offer authentic Murano glass work without offering a collection of glass paperweights.  We have a wide variety available online.

The great thing about establishing a close relationship with an individual shop is that we can also request customized colorations. If you find any pieces that you think would work for corporate gifts to clients, let us know and we will be happy to get a quote put together for you and estimated delivery dates.

Please send any requests to We'll respond to get the conversation going.  It does not matter the size of the order, just keep in mind that the fewer pieces you order, the cost of the freight has fewer pieces to spread across.