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Frustration in Finding Furniture In Stock

Frustration in Finding Furniture In Stock

Everyone's been on edge over the last couple of years and we are all hoping for a return to some sort of "normalcy" soon.  And while families have been trying to figure out how to balance work and life with working from home, anyone who has recently been looking to upgrade their furniture/furnishings has also experienced empty showrooms or online stores.

The pandemic has had an effect on shipping with port staffing shortages and shortages of long-haul truck drivers...everything has been chaotic over the last couple of years.

And while things are kind of improving, supply chain interruptions are ongoing and prevalent worldwide.  Not to mention the cost of shipping has jumped 8x-10x what it was pre-pandemic.

Small businesses (like ours) are not immune to those frustrations, either.

We stopped selling furniture online since it was getting more and more difficult to source, the prices were jumping rapidly, and shipping heavier pieces was too expensive while trying to also offer free shipping over a certain sales amount.

Our sister company, Designing Your View, is a boutique interior design firm with our interior designer (Stephanie Stiles) located in Austin.  The folks at Designing Your View have put together a series of collections (furniture - outdoor and indoor, accessories, mirrors, etcetera) that are currently in stock with our vendors.

Most are in the luxury space, but there are several options there for folks with a more modest budget.  The collections are updated at least monthly, removing items that are no longer in stock and adding items that have come available.

If you are looking for outdoor furniture, bedroom, living room, or dining room furniture, or even some accessories to complete your "look", you can check them out by clicking here.

You can visit the Designing Your View website by clicking here.