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Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

Get Ready for Valentine's Day!

As one holiday ends we prepare for the next, and Valentine's Day is just 4 weeks away! Don't be a last minute shopper scrambling the week-of, picking and sifting through remnants of forgettable and completely uninspiring mementos (that are sure to get tossed out anyway). Choose a gift that is uniquely thoughtful, long lasting, and a daily reminder of your special bond.

This is all-around great advice, but I must confess, there is an agenda here.... and that is to promote our exquisite collection of Alixx Candles! They make the perfect gift (a no-brainer really) because they can be enjoyed time and again, all year long, by anyone - friends, colleagues, family, clients, and your significant other. Did I also mention the mouth-blown glass containers can be re-purposed after the wax is gone? It's the gift that keeps on giving!

Maybe you're not looking for a gift - but instead looking for ways to create ambiance in your space. Did you know there is a scientific link between the personality and mood of an individual when it comes to fragrance attraction? With an impressive array of colors, shape/size, and fragrance options, Alixx has created a candle that is sure to satisfy every mood and personal style.

First, let me assure you from experience they ALL smell ah-may-zing!! But to make your shopping experience a little easier I'll break down the main scent categories and the Alixx candle fragrances that fall into them:

WOODY : warm, earthy, and masculine. Mood = Grounding/Calming
  • Pomme de Pin / pine, eucalyptus & cedarwood
  • Bois & Encens / cedar, incense & myrrh
  • Fève de Tonka / cedar, rose & sandalwood 

ORIENTAL : Spicy, Rich, Sensual. Mood = Bold/Passionate

  • Châlet en Hiver / cinnamon, ginger & vanilla
  • Figue / fig, vanilla & musk
  • Ambre / cedar, lemon & vanilla

FLORAL : Feminine, Flirty, Soft. Mood = Comforting/Uplifting

  • Fleur de Lagoon / blue hyacinth, water lily & lotus blossom
  • Fleur Blanche / blooming gardenia, green leaves & moonflower 
  • Jasmin de la Nuit / jasmine, lily of the valley & amber
  • Pivoine / peony, peach & rose

FRESH : Cool, Crisp, Invigorating. Mood = Revitalizing/Refreshing

  • Gui de Noël / mistletoe, tuberose & white eucalyptus
  • Heure du Thé / tea leaves, lemon & basil
  • Air de la Mer / sea salt, lily & vanilla
  • Fleurs d'Agrumes / citrus, jasmine & mandarin

These stunning french beauties already come packaged in an elegant looking box. Just toss into a pretty bag with some tissue and...Voilà! BEST. GIFT. EVER.

 Browse through our entire line of ALIXX candles to find the perfect one for you or someone you heart:

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