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This month we are donating a portion of sales to the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN and our local LOST-n-FOUND LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit!
*NEW* Artisan Glass Candles by ALIXX

*NEW* Artisan Glass Candles by ALIXX

Created with the artisanry of European glass blowers and the expertise of French perfumers, each candle by Alixx is inspired by the most beautiful and fragrant places in France. The artisanal glass vases are the perfect accent to any home décor!

Alixx fragrances are delicate in nature, but create a wonderful room filling ambiance. They showcase the beauty and artistic sophistication of complex French perfumes.

Each unique vase is mouth-blown - no two are exactly the same! The thick and textured glass represents a work of art that is a perfect accent to a variety of décors, and can also be repurposed once the candle has been fully burned. 

Hand poured in the U.S., Alixx uses premium European wax and 100% cotton wicks to give a clean beautiful burn. Boasting 15 elegant scents, Alixx candles are available in 2 shapes: Cylinder and Ballon (round), and most are offered in three different sizes.

Alixx candles are the perfect gift for: Hostess, Client, Holiday, Birthday, Sentiment, and Home Warming!