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This month we are donating a portion of sales to the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN and our local LOST-n-FOUND LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit!

20" Throw Pillows - Sought + Found Mercantile

Introducing our collection of 20"x20" throw pillows created right here in Georgia.  The Amani Women Center (AWC) is our partner producing our line of throw pillows.  We donate a portion of each sale back to the AWC.  This helps them continue growing their outreach to the refugee community here in Atlanta.

Giving back to the community and supporting other small businesses like ours is an important cornerstone in our mission.  A small business here in the US makes the pillow forms we offer with each pillow cover. 

Independent fabric designers created the majority of designs we use for the 20" throw pillows.  Those independent designers benefit from the sale of the fabric we purchase to keep up with production.  Small business supporting other small businesses.

The woman in the picture is Doris, she is the Executive Director and Founder of the Amani Women Center in Clarkston.  Her production team made every one of the pillow covers you see in the photo (and more that are not seen).  The photo was taken in our showroom.

#ShopSmall #SmallBusiness #Atlanta

20" Throw Pillows - Sought + Found Mercantile