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This month we are donating a portion of sales to the HBCU Foundation and our local LOST-n-FOUND LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit!

Patiess Dessert Bowl


Just like it's bigger brothers and sisters, this decorative bowl is the same quality of artisanship made into a smaller size.  This bowl is hand-blown glass with a mirror exterior finish and a mirror finish on the interior.

The technology used to create the mirror interior finish is innovative.  They utilize a high-vacuum environment, turning the stainless steel into a fog that settles on the glass surface and creates their signature mirror coating. 

In terms of symbolism, mirrors reflect truth.  Patiess means "truthful".

You can use this bowl as an elegant serving vessel or as a place to store your jewelry on top of your dresser or nightstand.  And, of course, this will look beautiful standing alone on a table either empty or filled with something delicious.

*** Crafted in the EU *** Handmade by Artisans *** 


  • Designed By:  Artis Nimanis
  • Bowl Size:  4" Diameter x 2.5" Tall
  • Materials:  Glass + Stainless Steel
  • Care:  Recommended Hand Wash
  • Weight:  1 lb