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This month we are donating a portion of sales to the GLOBAL FUND FOR WOMEN and our local LOST-n-FOUND LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit!

Handmade Rwandan Products

This is a collection of products we have brought into our shop from the Red Rocks Initiative in Rwanda.  They are a non-profit collective that has created a safe space for local artisans to work together creating their art.

The women who make the handmade baskets use the same techniques that have been past on to them generation after generation, for hundreds of years.  They use locally-sourced items such as sisal, banana leaves, and reeds to create each piece.

All colors come from either hand-dyeing the sisal or reeds using natural elements/materials and letting them dry in the sun, or they also make use of recycled plastic to keep the waste from going into a dump.

The bowls and baskets we have are hand-dyed and hand woven.

We also carry other items that are handcrafted in Rwanda at the collective - napkins, napkin rings, clutches, bags, and artwork.  Since each piece is handmade, we have varying quantities, and the dimensions can fluctuate slightly from piece to piece.

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Handmade Rwandan Products


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