Remora Indoor/Outdoor Rug (3 colors)

Relaxed and sophisticated in the same moment. The chic nautical Remora area rug infuses both indoor and outdoor spaces with a few classic colors. Hand woven of 100% eco-friendly PET yarns, this durable rug is easy to clean and perfect for high-traffic areas.

Available in Bone White/Ebony, Bone White/Blue Indigo, and Bone White/Arctic


  • Design: Remora
  • Content: 100% Pet Yarn
  • Construction:  Indoor or Outdoor
  • Backing:  No
  • Product Height:  1/3"

Pantone TPG (Provided by the Manufacturer):

  • Bone White/Ebony are 12-0105 and 19-4104
  • Bone White/Blue Indigo are 12-0105 and 19-3928
  • Bone White/Arctic Ice are 12-0105 and 13-4110

Slight color variations are possible from website image to product.


Arctic Ice
Blue Indigo

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