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Our new showroom at Westside Market Midtown is officially open! Stop by when in Atlanta. Open 10-6 Mon-Sat and 12-5 on Sunday.

Wave Murano Glass - Vase Collection

Wave Murano Glass was born in 2017 from Roberto Beltrami's passion for the art of glass. The company is located on the island of Murano (Venice), where this art is known all over the world for being THE highest quality glass craftsmanship since ancient times.

Wave Murano Glass is located inside a furnace dating back to 1850 and the team is made up of 10 of Murano's most experienced glass craftsmen.  The scientific background of Roberto is the basis of the new designs and solutions created for their clients.

Wave Murano Glass's mission is to carry on the millennial tradition of glass on the island of Murano using technology to innovate and keep up with the changing needs of our world.

Because of these constant innovations, Wave Murano Glass is the only furnace in Murano to have a melting furnace for glass that is compliant with Industry 4.0 Standards, using an innovative energy recovery mechanism to increasingly reduce the environmental impact of the furnace.

The company is certified for the production of Murano glass with Code No. 096.  guaranteeing the authenticity of the manufacturing exclusively on the island of Murano. Only companies with production in Murano can obtain this certification.

Wave Murano Glass - Vase Collection


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