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This month we are donating a portion of sales to the HBCU Foundation and our local LOST-n-FOUND LGBTQ+ Youth non-profit!
#ShopSmall #ShopLocal #SmallBusiness

About Us

We are a small LGBTBE-certified business located in Marietta, Georgia. Our products are sourced from other small businesses from the United States and globally. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and provide support to communities everywhere around the world.

The items we sell on our online store are mostly sourced from small businesses that create artisan-quality products. We offer unique pieces like authentic Murano glass chopsticks and dipping bowls. Everything is handmade with passion and love.

And we are excited to partner with the Amani Women Center (AWC) here in Atlanta to create our own line of decorative pillows. The AWC is a non-profit that reaches out to the women in the refugee community and teaches them skills such as sewing. When they graduate from the Sewing Academy, they are guided to start their own business or they can choose to work at the production facility in Clarkston, Georgia. We have brought on the team from the AWC to manufacture all of our sewing projects under our label. A portion of each sale goes back to the AWC so they can continue to fund their outreach programs and eventually grow their production capability.

Please feel free to check out our full offerings on our company website. We ship anywhere in the United States (Alaska and Hawaii are available for shipping, but we reach out to you to confirm shipping fees).

Jeff Arnold

Co-Founder/EVP Operations

After working in the IT field for 28+ years, I ventured into the world of real estate and eventually obtained my broker's license. At the time I was taking care of my 2 elderly handicapped parents (both are now passed). Having the flexibility with my hours was extremely helpful.

Would not have wanted to do anything different, I was happy to be there for them both. Shortly after my mother passed away I was diagnosed with early stage cancer. 47 radiation blasts and 2 chemo treatments the cancer has been in remission now for going on 5 will never go away, but am thankful it is at least cowering away.

I currently have 2 rescue kittehs, Thor and Freya...Thor is a 22 lb beast (probably Norwegian Forest Cat in him) and Freya is a 9 lb powerhouse of an orange tabby. I've had cats for over 35 years, all of them rescued from local shelters.

I grew up with dogs, but couldn't take on a dog when I moved away for my first "real" job since I was on travel all the time.

I met Richard when I was a real estate agent and used his company to stage all my listings. We became best friends and decided to go into business together in 2016 to start up Sought + Found Mercantile.

Now as a small business owner I see the impact of small businesses in our community and wanted to make sure we did our best to create a "rising tide that lifts all boats". Meaning that we wanted to create a business model where we connected with other small businesses in meaningful ways, not just simply as a transaction.

Our goal is to bring smaller brands to US consumers and show that when you #ShopSmall you help real people throughout the supply chain. You are not helping a CEO buy their 3rd vacation home, you are helping someone send their kids to band camp, take dance lessons, or simply provide a basic decent living for those who want to leave our community in better shape than when we found them.

We are a certified LGBTBE (LGBT Business Enterprise), with certification through the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC). It has always been our mantra to support the minority chambers and their membership.

In 2022 we became a corporate sponsor of WIFTA (Women In Film and Television Atlanta) to not only provide support to a great organization, but to also tap into the talent within that group of remarkable women for future efforts we pursue in the digital marketing space.

We are proud to present our wide range of quality, artisan gifts that we have acquired from other small businesses here in the US and globally. Our product offerings come from woman-owned, LGBT-owned, and other small businesses who understand that inclusivity is the key to success.

And we continue to connect with other like-minded small businesses to expand our offerings. Our partnership with the Amani Women Center (AWC) is something I have personally been looking to create ever since we had to pivot our business model to survive the effects on our business from the global pandemic.

Never thought in a million years that we could have our own brand of decorative pillows. But we found a way to support independent fabric designers, other small businesses (like the one that creates the pillow forms we use), and a non-profit that empowers women through outreach in the refugee community here in Atlanta.

We hope to add more sewing projects to the our pillow line, like placemats, napkins, and table runners.

Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe and healthy.