COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Update

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) UPDATE

The pandemic has clearly impacted everyone's lives and we no different.  Our company is a local, small business and we are feeling the effects, too.

We are looking to implement the gift card option via Shopify to provide another way for people to help support our business.  Thank you to Shopify for opening up that option for all businesses.

And as the effect is felt around the country, please know that we are working closely with our suppliers to figure out what can and cannot be shipped out at this time.  As long as our business is able to stay open (our warehouse here in Austin, Texas) and we have the item in stock, we will ship it out right away.

If the item is to be shipped from another location, that location may not be able to get the order out.

If we encounter an issue where your order is not able to be shipped, we will reach out to you with the option to cancel the order and you will get a refund.

Please know that we care about everyone here at our company and everyone out there on the internet as well.  We very much appreciate the opportunity to provide great customer service along with the beautiful items we offer for sale.

While we would love to keep things moving along as normal, that just is not possible at this time.  Thank you for understanding and everyone please stay safe!

- The Team @ Sought + Found Mercantile


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