Do You Live In the Austin, Texas Metro Area?

Our warehouse and office is located in Austin, Texas.  If you happen to live in the metro area (meaning Travis, Williamson, Burnet, Caldwell, Hays, and Bastrop Counties in Texas), please reach out to us if you would like to have your order received by us and then delivered to you.

We can receive, inspect, and unpack your items to make sure everything arrived in great condition.  Then arrange a local delivery to your home.

We are a small business but we want to make sure to offer that option to our local customers.  There may be a fee associated with this additional service; it depends on how large or small the order is and how far away your home is located from our warehouse.

This will be especially helpful for those who live in the mid- and high-rises in the city.

Take the hassle away of having to unpack everything, possibly have to assemble it, and then deal with all the trash and recycling.  We can handle that for you!

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to reach out to us at  We'll be happy to get back to you right away with an estimate.


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