Alixx Candle - Fleurs d'Agrumes (Lime)

Fleurs d'Agrumes  (Citrus, Jasmine and Mandarin)  LIMITED EDITION

"With influences from La Vallée du Rhône in Avignon, France, this fresh scent will remind you of the first days of Spring. The zests of mandarin and lemon combine with a touch of cardamom, a hint of jasmine, and a note of white tea and sweet musks to create a revitalizing aroma."

Each delicate fragrance from Alixx is developed by master perfumers of Grasse, France. The mouth-blown glass containers created in Europe are one-of-a-kind, and no two will be exactly alike.

While the candles are made/poured in the United States, the glass containers are hand blown in France.  If a size you are interested is showing Out of Stock, please reach out to us by filling out the form below the item of interest (when you click on it) and we will let you know when new product is expected to be available.  Thanks!

**Limited Size/Shape Availability**

Main Notes:  Citrus, Jasmine, and Mandarin


  • Small (4.2 oz) - 1 Wick - 35 Hours
  • Medium (15 oz) - 1 Wick - 90 Hours
  • Large (42 oz) - 3 Wicks - 200 Hours
  • XL (78 oz) - 5 Wicks - 300 Hours


  • Small (9 oz) - 2 Wicks - 60 Hours
  • Medium (16 oz) - 3 Wicks - 80 Hours
  • Large (40 oz) - 4 Wicks - 150 Hours

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