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Alixx Candle - Air de la Mer


The Air de la Mer candle provides a soothing yet energizing scent that will remind you of the irresistible scent of ocean waves.  This coastal aroma is an uplifting mix of sea foam, seaweed and sea salt.

You will also notice hints of lily, patchouli and the soft touch of vanilla. 

The vibrant aqua glass will add a bright lively touch to your décor.

Aroma:  Sea Salt, Lily, and Vanilla

Secondary Notes:  Sea Foam, Melon, and Patchouli

Inspired By:  The tidal island of Mont Saint-Michel in Normandie, hence Air de la Mer

Available Sizes:

  • Cylinder
    • Small (4.2 oz Wax - 2.75"x2.75" Vessel) - 1 Wick - 35 Hours
    • Medium (15 oz Wax - 4"x4" Vessel) - 1 Wick - 90 Hours
    • Large (42 oz - 5.5"x5.5" Vessel) - 3 Wicks - 200 Hours
    • XL (78 oz - 7"x7" Vessel) - 5 Wicks - 300 Hours
  • Ballon
    • Small (9 oz - 2.75"x3.94" Vessel) - 2 Wicks - 60 Hours
    • Medium (16 oz - 4.3"x5.1" Vessel) - 3 Wicks - 80 Hours
    • Large (40 oz - 5.5"x6.3" Vessel) - 4 Wicks - 150 Hours

Alixx is an eco-conscious brand, and we strive to offer candles that live well after they fully burn. Give your artisanal vase another life and reuse it for other purposes.