Argento Bed by Ann Gish

The Argento collection is inspired by finely textured, intricate Florentine silverwork, mixing soft shine and modern silhouettes. Each piece mixes silvered raffia coverings with pewter metal trim.

Eastern King:

  • 84.25"L X 89.75"W X 52"H
  • HEADBOARD: 89.75"W X 52"H X 8.25"DEEP
  • FOOTBOARD: 80.5"W X 12"H X 1.25"DEEP
  • 84.25"L X 73.5"W X 52"H
  • HEADBOARD: 73.5"W X 52"H X 8.25"DEEP
  • FOOTBOARD: 64.5"W X 12"H X 1.25"DEEP

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