Cotton Velvet Pillow - 20" x 20" (19 Colors, 3 fills)

Beautiful, bold, and soft! These Cotton Velvet accent pillows are beautiful, the colors are stunning, and they will work in any decor. Also, since you can purchase the shells only, you can always change out your pillow decor to match the season or your mood!

Flange edge.

Material: 100% Cotton velvet

Available in Nineteen Colors: Blue Curacao (TPX 15-4825), Stretch Limo (TPX 19-4005), Parisian Blue (TPX 18-4036), Misted Yellow (TPX 14-0837), Caramel (TPX 16-1439), Sedona Sage (Charcoal) - (TPX 18-5105), Limoges (TPX 19-4044), Comfrey (TPX 18-6216), Blackberry Wine (TPX 19-2816), Fern (TPX 16-0430), High Rise (TPX 15-4101), Lemon Curry (TPX 15-0751), Dark Denim (TPX 19-4118), Pale Peach (TPX 12-0915), Sable (TPX 19-1320), Slate Grey (TPX 16-5804), Insignia Blue (TPX 19-4028), Oxford Tan (TPX 15-1306), and Dragonfly (TPX 19-4826)

All colors available in 4 Sizes: "18 x 18", "20 x 20", "22 x 22", and "13 x 19" with your choice of insert or shell only!

Blue Curacao
Stretch Limo
Parisian Blue
Misted Yellow
Sedona Sage
Blackberry Wine
High Rise
Lemon Curry
Dark Denim
Pale Peach
Slate Grey
Insignia Blue
Oxford Tan

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