Hair on Hide Patterned Rug - Medora (Dark Brown, Camel, Light Grey, and Cream)

Our hand-crafted patterned cowhide rugs bring rustic style to any room in your home. Tanned cowhide has a gentle fur texture with a soothing feel that adds the welcome touch to any décor. The unique pattern and color of each luxurious rug adds a soft vibe to the living room, bedroom, or work space.

Genuine Cowhide. Made in India.

Natural markings and color will vary.


  • 65% Hair On Hide 35% Chenille-Viscose
  • Hand Crafted
  • No Pile
  • Colors: Dark Brown, Camel, Light Grey, Cream

Pantone TPX (Provided by the Manufacturer)

    • 18-1112, 16-1407, 14-4500, 11-0604

Color variations are possible from website image to product.


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