Hair on Hide Rug - Khaki and Metallic Gold, Embossed Vector Swirl Pattern

Light up the room with the metallic sheen of our premium cowhide rug that satisfies the thirst for the unpredictable. Tanned cowhide has a gentle fur texture with a soothing feel that adds the welcome touch to any décor. The unique pattern and glam metallic color of each luxurious rug is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or work space.
This gorgeous rug is embossed with a Vector Swirl pattern!

Genuine Cowhide. Made in India.

Natural markings and color will vary.


  • 8' x 8'
  • 100% Hair On Hide
  • Hand Crafted
  • No Pile
  • Colors: Khaki, Metallic Gold

Pantone TPX (Provided by the Manufacturer):

  • 15-1214, 16-0836

Color variations are possible from website image to product.

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