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Hand Painted Art - Rwandan Artist


These are remarkable, handcrafted pieces created by an artist in the Red Rocks Initiative in Rwanda.  The artist recycles a piece of plywood by upcycling what would normally be thrown out and creates his art.

Each thin piece is hand-cut from scrap plywood in the shape of the African continent.  The artist then either paints directly onto the piece or they take paper to create 3D reliefs on the plywood to bring another level of design to each piece.

We offer a few pieces from the artist and they will typically be a painting of a local scene or the artist will give the piece more depth by using shredded paper to make features on the plywood cutout, such as mountain gorillas or stylized caricatures of local people.

We setup separate listings for each piece so that you know which one you are going to get.  Since these are all handmade, none will look exactly the same.

General Measurements:  9" Tall and 8" Wide

Each piece can vary slightly, and most will come with a loop on the back that you can hang these on the wall, if desired.