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Martin Schwartz - Oslo Jigsaw Puzzle


Oslo is the smallest of the three Scandinavian capitals, yet it boasts a great variety of urban scenes.  

One street may appear very metropolitan with high and modern buildings, while another street has old wooden houses as though you were in a small local village.

In recent years, Oslo has set the scene for an iconic architectural landscape along the harbor front.  The new Opera House and the Bar Code being among the most famous projects.

Hours of fun while also bringing to your attention some buildings/monuments that you may not know. 

The motif is created by Danish designer Martin Schwartz, who spent more than three months illustrating some of Oslo's most iconic buildings in every detail. 

The box includes the 1,000 pieces of the puzzle and a guiding poster that shows the complete piece of work along with a quick reference of the name of each building/monument.

Finished size is 20" Wide x 27.5" Tall

*** Danish Artist *** Small Business ***