Menagerie (5 Animals, 2 Finishes)

Clean, restrained and elegant, our metallic animal sculptures recall an era of glamorous Safari expeditions, circa 1900.

Matte White and Silver finished ceramic with electroplated glaze.


  • Antelope - 6" Long X 1.5" Wide X 7.75" Tall
  • Horse - 9" Long X 2.5" Wide X 7.25" Tall
  • Rhino - 10" Long X 3" Wide X 6.25" Tall
  • Giraffe - 8" Long X 2.5" Wide X 10" Tall
  • Elephant - 9.5" Long X 4" Wide X 8" Tall

NOTE:  We have plenty of stock for most of the animals and their color variations, except for the Matte White Antelopes.  Those are sold out, but we are expecting a new shipment in October 2020.  If you would like to be notified when the new pieces arrive, fill out the form below when you click on the Matte White Antelope.  Thanks!


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