Pillar Collection

Inspired by sculpture, ancient totems, and Brancusi's atelier, the pillar collection is the perfect way to create a visual landscape. They can be layered together or used as single objects.

These totems are a sculptural addition to any interior.


  • Amelot - 3.25" Diameter X 20" Tall
  • Chapon - 4.75" Diameter X 15.75" Tall
  • Moret - 3" Long X 3" Wide X 9.5" Tall
  • Rivoli - 4" Long X 4" Wide X 18" Tall
  • Roule - 4" Diameter X 14.5" Tall

NOTE:  These flew out the doors in the last couple of months, so we are out of stock on several of these totems.  We are expecting a new shipment in October 2020.  If you would like to be notified when they are back in stock, fill out the form below (when you click on the item of interest).  Thanks!


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