Wrapped Handle Leather Tray (3 colors, 2 sizes)

Place these sophisticated looking Wrapped Handle Trays on any table, desk, or ottoman for a chic look. 

Available in Black, Ivory, and Coral.


  • Large: 24" Long X 24" Wide X 2.25" Tall
  • Small: 18" Long X 14" Wide X 2.25" Tall


NOTE:  Wow...these sold out fairly quick - the ivory and black trays are completed sold out and we have very few left in the large coral size.  A shipment recently came in with the small coral trays, so we have those in stock.  We are expecting more to come in October 2020.  If you would like to be notified when the new shipment arrives, please fill out the form below the item when you select one that is out of stock.  Thanks!


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